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Marketing Plan Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Discussion Board: Marketing Plan In the marketing plan, the environmental factors are critical while considering both local and global market operations. Technology, political, cultural, economic and demographic variables are essential in determining the marketing performance projection at the global market. Technology factor ensures the communication through the organizational website and services delivery are conducted effectively and efficiently across the borders. Stable politics ensure the marketing environment and business performance to be undertaken smoothly. Culture and demographic variables are essential in determining the acceptability of the product or services by the local and international customers (Environmental Factors, n.d). While marketing the product, it is advisable to consider the cultural and social aspect of the targeted community. Therefore, the environmental factors are critical in determining the marketing plan both locally and international level. In the marketing approach, lack of important viewpoint contributes to marketing product or services to wrong destinations. The person with the opposing viewpoint would not consider the marketing without putting into consideration the environmental factors. This shows that lack of due diligence while introducing the product and services to the wrong destination. Therefore, the person with the opposing views regarding the marketing environmental factors would think the most important is getting into the market without conducting research and planning. In ensuring the success of the marketing plan, the marketing approach should

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