AMH2035 Midterm Exam

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AMH2035 Midterm Exam Question 1 The confrontation between communism and capitalism started in the midst of the World War II. During the Yalta Conference, Roosevelt and Churchill disagreed with Stalin`s idea of uniting the entire Eastern Europe nations in his quest to defeat Hitler (Trowbridge, 10). Therefore, they view this as a strategy that would influence the communist ideology to the world. Consequently, the cold war was founded by two rivalry system of political and economic set up between the Soviet Union and other capitalist western nations like the United States. The duration of the stated war was between 1945 and 1991 (Trowbridge, 9). The competing systems at the time were democratic capitalism and the communist system. The allied countries that also incorporated the United States were spearheading the democratic capitalism while the communist system was pushed forward by the Soviet Union. From the beginning, the Cold War was dramatized by vigorous economic and political competition that also included military and diplomatic posturing among the competing nations. Additionally, the war influenced excessive spending on military proxy war set up in various countries such as Asia, Latin America, and Africa. The concept of political and economic dominance was the reason behind the establishment of the cold war. The involved nations were competing to lead every global agenda that were present at the time. They influenced their agenda through campaigning for their respective communism or capitalism ideologies in the quest to prove that the world was more successful under one of the stated ideology (Trowbridge, 9). Contrarily, the Soviet Union encouraged the adoption of

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