American vs Asian Education Systems

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Student’s Name Tutor’s Name Course Date American vs Asian Education Systems Introduction The education system can be defined as the procedures, guidelines, and structure used in public schooling. These elements apply to all levels of school starting from kindergarten all the way to high school. Programs are formulated uniquely as compared to that of private schools and are supposed to be followed by all schools (Clegg 1). Reportedly, even though the American education system has similarities with the Asian system, the two have significant differences. This paper seeks to critically examine the various unique aspects of the American educational systems, the key aspects of the Asian educational system, the shared elements of both systems and a summary of the findings. Topic 1: Unique Aspects of the American Education Systems Aspect 1 In the American education system, the teacher is a facilitator of all activities which take place. Students are to a great extent empowered to foster their academic work (Yang 5). Students are challenged by the facilitators to engage in debates, discussions and other activities which will help them academically. Both students and teachers are given many privileges and are greatly supported by educational commissions. Aspect 2 Certainly, the American system focuses on improving the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) of students (Clegg 3). The system is designed in a way that they enhance student’s brain strength. This is evident by the fact that the system aims at performing well in some subjects such as Law, medicine, and Engineering while others such as Arts are overseen. Notably, the system intends to ensure

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