American Popular Song

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American Popular Song Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation American Popular Song The American popular music has significantly contributed to my enthusiasm as well as attitude towards my music preference. The style of the song which comprises of the instrumental, the lyrics, the message in the lyrics, the intonation and other elements has enabled me to become analytical and conscious about the various crucial aspects of a song (Melnick, 2009). For instance, I have become conscious to discover musicianship in songs and listen to songs which have originality. My taste in music has gradually changed to jazz music since they contain all elements of original music. Racial discrimination is one of the prejudices that I held before towards jazz music artists. I viewed this music to be dominated by white musicians. However, after conducting deep research about and from the experience that I have had as a music student as a music fanatic, I discovered that the music was not discriminatory in any way (Melnick, 2009). People from different backgrounds have performed songs which have all aspects of originality in them. Per se, the pioneer of this music is perceived to be blacks and currently even though the whites have dominated in the industry, the blacks also form a significant percentage. I listen to music from artists from other races such as Hispanics, Indians, and others. Certainly, what I look for or rather consider in music is originality. I have found myself loving songs from diverse groups of people regardless of gender or race. The message, style, beats, lyrics, and intonation of songs by people of different backgrounds are

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