American Imperialism

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Name Tutor Course Date American Imperialism The Anglo-Saxon times is one of the most complicated times in history as it had a stable government as well as a large amount of literature. Many people have claimed these were unsophisticated times but this was not the case since the culture during this period was too advanced for the people. During this time the Americans wanted to expand their influence throughout the world. One of the reasons for the expansion was for purely political gain. Anglo-Saxon numbers increased as the years went by and by the end of Charles reign, the English Colonists in the USA had greatly increased to 200,000 (Strong 1). In just that century, the American territories had expanded the populations of the Anglo-Saxon and this race was seen as superior as later on they became in charge of the human race. America is very competitive and believes that for one to get what they want, they should go for it. The country, therefore, wanted to have as many territories as possible in control of the political influence. The Anglo-Saxon tribe is said to have had more influence in America than they had in their motherland. The American expansion, while gaining territory dominance also helped the tribe in having new opportunities. The other argument for American expansion is the willingness to help other countries that they deem as underdeveloped. The cultural reasons are for example the fact that they thought mixed races become more superior than pure ones. The USA wanted to expand their way of life through the world and give them a new way to look at life. The Americans thought about it from the point of view that other countries were underdeveloped

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