American History Revised

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Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date: Summary of events of the United States to 1865 From Early European settlement to the end of the Civil War, a culmination of major events, ranging from the political assassination of President Lincoln to the Congress disapproval by the Statehouse of Andrew Johnson were witnessed. Until today, there is an emergence of a heated debate about the Americans’ originality. Theoretical attempts to explaining the migration suggested that people migrated to North America via a land bridge called Bering Strait. During the Civil War, the Republican Congress constructed railroads passing via Middle America up to the borders of Mexico and Canada. Consequently, both the state and federal governments became friendlier to business leaders, noting their key role in the reconstruction era. The capitalists of the era engaged in mercantilist explore that led to the revolution of many industries but also inequalities among the population. During the Civil War, era, most Americans were convinced that the war brought much of the social revolution compared to the Independence War. In the springs of the 1865 Civil War, the aftermath left massive destruction of properties and loss of human lives that led to the establishment of archeological sites; Paleolithic and Neolithic (Tindall, 38). For example, Ruins of Richmond that is also known as the “Burned District.” Subsequently, Spain’s Union troops-the Yankees who were looked down upon by the Southern nationalists. The black legends were compared to the lower degree slaves especially by women from Virginia. Racism had taken center stage. Moreover, Freedmen’s Bureau created a

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