American Government

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Q2 Isolation was the policy used by the America, where they reluctantly become involved in European alliances and wars. Growing threat from Japan made American realized that they should act faster before Japanese seize empire. The government of the United States had a meeting in 1921 to find ways to control the countries' navies and to reduce forces that could affect Americans economy (Kaufman 60). Q3 Foreign policy is the standards and actions that a nation takes in every aspect of its relationships with other countries. Diplomacy. Foreign aid Military force Q4 Most of the things ambassador deals with are related to diplomacy. Some of the things ambassador deals with are advising people who seek to enter the US and aiding American citizens who are abroad and in need of legal advice. Q5 Reasoned judgment can be viewed as an argument with reasonable information supporting one side of an opinion. Reasoned judgment is more like, "accident claim more lives," or “riding a motorcycle without a helmet is dangerous.” One can collect data to support the above judgments. No. The United State also need other countries for globalization and international trade. Exporting and importing of products creates jobs for good percentage of American citizens. The flow of ideas in a rising Global Culture by the Americans need to be exported. Q6 They represent citizens when making government decisions. Representative exercise some functions of the government at a level below that of the federal government. Representatives act as state government. Therefore, they share responsibilities with the national government, forming the federal system. Q2. Secretary of the

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