American Government

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Name Tutor Course Date American Government Describe the three defining features of a bureaucracy. Three defining features of a bureaucracy are hierarchical authority, job specialization, and formalized rules. Hierarchical authority is the federal food chain whereby one person reports to a more senior person and the individual highest on that chain has more powers to make decisions and many people at the bottom have little powers. Job Specialization means each person in the federation has specific tasks and duties to perform instead of several things. Formalized Rules mean that there are well laid down procedures with which the bureaucracy works. List some of the more common names given to the various agencies in the executive branch? Independent Regulatory commissions Independent Executive Agencies Government corporations Cabinet departments What is the difference between a staff agency and a line agency? Staff agencies advise, line agencies carry out tasks. To run an organization the chief officers and other administrators need to be assisted and supported and this is where the staff agencies come in and they include the office of the president, whereas line agencies set out to accomplish specific tasks for the organization. Which agency in the Executive Office of the President has the largest impact on foreign affairs? is The agency most involved in foreign affairs is the National Security Council. Members include top cabinet secretaries, the vice president, the president, and security advisors. Describe the major duties of the Office of Management and Budget? Predominantly the Office of the Management of Budget assesses funding priorities and

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