American Government

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Student’s name Professor’s name Course Date American Government The structure of federal bureaucracy is made of fifteen executive departments at the top headed by secretaries except for Attorney general, the head of the department of justice. These secretaries serve as the president's cabinet. Under these fifteen departments are the agencies, bureaus, authorities, administrations, boards, and commissions. There are other independent agencies under the federal bureaucracy which are not under the supervision of an executive department. Federal bureaucracy also has government corporations or government-owned enterprises (Lecturer’s last name). The purpose of federal bureaucracy is to implement laws passed by the Congress, to perform administration such as collecting fees, and regulations which are setting the rules for the federal and state programs. The executive office of the president is made up of four agencies which are, the White House Office, the Council of Economic Advisors, the Office of Management and Budget and the National Security Council. These agencies advise the president on policies. The advisors are made of Chief of Staff, president's lawyer, appointments secretary, press secretary, and other personnel whose function is to advise the president (Lecturer’s last name). A cabinet is an executive branch that is comprised of the vice president and the fifteen executive departments. The function of the cabinet is to advise the president. The executive office of the president is called the president’s right arm since it is made up of the closest advisors and assistants of the president. The president’s personal and political

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