American Exceptionalism

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Name Institution Course Date American Exceptionalism Introduction American exceptionalism refers to a concept that the US is exceptional or distinctive when compared with other nation’s historical development. Additionally, it is used to describe the special personality of the country based on the outstandingly free nation founded on the principles of personal liberty and democratic ideals (Dunn ed. 21). In most cases, this unique feature is inferred from the type of political institutions in the US created in the 1776-89 era, constitution (1787), revolt (1776-83), and independence declaration (1776). In this regard, the idea of American exceptionalism is generated from the development of American ideology founded on laissez-faire economics, democracy, republicanism, individualism, egalitarianism, and liberty (Restad 13). For this reason, the idea is interpreted to mean that the country has a particular position to transform the global politics. Subsequently, the Americans have established a feeling of their exceptional part of the continent and the world as well as their distinct sense of destiny (Toje 75). The role of conception of Providence in American Exceptionalism The conception of Providence is based on the faith of God’s divine intervention in the world, which was advanced by many American Puritan teachings. In 1630’s, the Puritans introduced an exceptional logic in America (Dunn ed. 22). They felt that they were establishing a disruption with the dishonesty of Europe and they considered themselves to be in a covenantal association with God; hence, assigned unique spiritual responsibility to lead other parts of the society. It also

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