American art before and after World War II.

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American Art Before and After World War II Name: Institution: Art is the process of assembling essentials purposefully by appealing to senses and emotions. It incorporates various ranges of human activities and ways of communication including paintings, films, use of literature material and music. Art, being a component, of culture reflects on both the social and economic elements in its design. The central role of art is to convey ideas and ethics among cultures (Greenhill & LaFountain, 2015). Art has changed over centuries, and new revolutions are coming up. Art entails animations, religious concepts, music, dance, graffiti use, mosaic, paintings and stage performances. Visual arts are recognized the oldest due to the use of objects and images conception. The very first chance for Americans’ to get an opportunity to view the new art developing in Europe was at the Armory show in New York (Greenhill & LaFountain, 2015). Exhibitions in this show were the following; Matisse, Picasso, and post-impressionists. Famous American galleries put on display only works with the European artists since only European artists were taken seriously. Art has always being used as a form of entertaining whose influence comes from social, political and world changing events (Harvey, 2012). Some of the leaders of the Abstract Expressionism movement were Jackson Pollock, William de Kooning, Mark Rothko and Jay Meuser (Harvey, 2012). Jay Meuser, a California-based expressionist, painted in a non-objective style, and his painting was known as Mare Nostrum. Mark Rothko first showed his artistic works in the year 1929 used color field painting (Greenhill & LaFountain,

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