America Criminal Justice to Reform

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America Criminal Justice to Reform Introduction American criminal justice system needs to be reformed for increasing its efficiency and fairness. One of the reforms is the reduction of mass incarceration. America has less than six percent of the entire world population, and yet it imprisons almost a quarter of world’s prisoners. A large number of inmates are detained because of minor offenses. Overcrowded prisoners can jeopardize the lives of both staffs and prisoners. A California prison in Los Angeles was burned in 2009 by rioting prisoners, 250 prisoners were injured, and 55 were hospitalized (Liebelson 1). Mass imprisonment can be minimized by reducing “mandatory minimum sentencing” of non-violent drug offenders. Current non-violent prisoners should be given a chance to seek a fairer sentence. Rehabilitation, job training, and treatment of non-violent drug criminals should be prioritized instead of incarceration. Most of the American prisoners suffer from mental problems due to prolonged use of narcotics (Gottschalk 63). These individuals need to be rehabilitated instead of being imprisoned. Restoring and enhancing trust between societies and police department. Some police officers have used excessive force. Michael Brown, an African American was fatally shot in Ferguson on 9th August 2014. This scenario has broken trust between the communities and police force. Trust can be restored by promoting accountability and oversight in use of certain controlled military equipment which involves a limited transfer of military equipment to the local police department from the federal government and transparency in the purchasing of military equipment. Communities and

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