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Student’s NameInstructor’s Name Course Date Prevention of Occupational Contact Dermatitis In Prevention of Occupational Contact Dermatitis, Al-Otaibi highlights the strategies for the reduction of the incidence of occupational contact dermatitis. The article introduces the topic of occupational contact dermatitis then illustrates the significance of the condition. After that, a three-level prevention strategy is proposed to counter the high incidence of occupational contact dermatitis (Al-Otaibi). First, the author introduces contact dermatitis and explains it. Contact dermatitis has an inflammatory pathogenetic mechanism. The causative agents can either be irritants or atopic agents. The resultant condition can either be chronic or acute. Aetiologically, contact dermatitis is either of the allergic type or the irritant type. Occupational contact dermatitis is defined as that form of dermatitis that arises from work-related activities. This difference is the only distinction from nonoccupational contact dermatitis since the presentation is similar. Clinically, both forms are marked by skin redness, scaling, and itching. The significance of occupational contact dermatitis is in the fact that its prevention strategies can easily be tailored to the controlled work environment. A recent increase in incidence highlights the need to improve work conditions (Holness) A three-level prevention strategy for occupational contact dermatitis involves personal hygiene, work practice, and health promotion. The personal health measures include frequent hand washing to get rid of any causative agents of contact dermatitis that may adhere to the hands, and the use of mild

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