Alice in wonderland(2010)

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course number Date Alice in Wonderland (2010) In the modern day film industry, a movie review is a powerful tool in advertising and in the selection of films to watch. Different online websites critically review movies based on many factors like the plot, screenplay, directing of actors or even the expectations of a movie. Rotten tomatoes, for example, rates its movies and TV shows according to the reviews of professional critics using the Tomatometer. They categorize films as certified fresh with 75% steady positive reviews, fresh for over 60% and rotten for those below 60%. All these are as a result of audience review who rate films on a scale of one and ten stars. Alice in Wonderland is rated 52% by rotten tomatoes with an audience score of 55%, which is categorized as rotten. This paper queries why the film received mixed reviews and low ratings by Rotten Tomatoes despite being one of the highest selling films of all time. The genre of this movie is fantasy, and the plot is about a young girl called Alice acted by Mia Wasikowska, who once visited a magical place when she was young and does not remember. She is now a teenager and can only dream about the place but can not determine if it is real or not. During their garden party with her fiance, her life suddenly changes completely when she sees a white rabbit and follows him into a hole. Alice then finds herself in the underland reunited with her friends; the Cheshire cat played by Stephen Fry and the mad hatter performed by Johnny Depp among others. She then finds the red queen who had unleashed a reign of terror on her subjects. She realizes her destiny and ends her

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