Ali and Nino movie review

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Name Professor Course Date Movie Review on Ali &Nino Ali &Nino by Asif Kapadia is a romantic story which transcends the borders of two religions as well as those of countries. Ali (Adam Bakri) is a Muslim man from Azerbaijan while Nino (Maria Valverde) is a young Christian woman from the neighboring country, Georgia. The movie illustrates their first encounter, the challenges they face as a couple until they unite as a family. These two characters attempt to express their love to viewers through numerous dance scenes and romantic looks. Their union is challenged by the World War 1 and later by one of their friends, Malik (Riccardo Scamarcio), who tries to elope with Nino. Ali joins the army to defend his country while Nino goes to Persia during her pregnancy. One intriguing aspect not only entertains but teaches the audience about the history of nationalism and freedom for Azerbaijan. Unfortunately, the theme of freedom and nationalism is undermined by the excess time spent elaborating the romance. A quick analysis reveals that they have too many love scenes. As McCarthy believes that the movie developed a well-balanced mix of culture intended to attract both modern and conservative viewers. The main language used is English and frequently explores topics of safety and personal responsibility common among western countries. At the same time, the director maintained a traditional view expected from a historical movie of a country as conservative as Azerbaijan. In fact, the two protagonists seek the permission of their parents before anything else. In addition, the two religions in question here, Islam and Christian, are fairly represented, and there is no

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