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algebra to find the x-intercept of the line that you found in part (a), clearly showing each step of your method. Y=3/-2x+1/2 At intercept y=0 0=-3/-2x+1/2 3/2x=1/2 X=1/3 (1/3,0) (ii) What is the y-intercept? 2y=-3x+1 At y intercept x=0 Hence 2y=1 Y=1/2 (0, 1/2) (d) Plot the two points given in part (a), and draw a line through them. Use this plot to check that your answers to parts (a), (b) and (c) are sensible. Either a hand-drawn graph or a computer-generated graph is...



Algebra Question 1) F(x) = -x2-4x +3For x= -2 then the f(x) = -(-2)2-4(-2)+3=7Question 2) 3(x-2)=-4(x+8)+103x-6= -4x-32+107x=-16X=-167Question 3) F(x) = xx-4All values would be real except when the value of x=4 hence the domain is D: allR: x≠4Question 4 Slope (m) = -3/7, y-intercept(c) =-4Y=mx+cHence, y=-37x -4Question 5 Slope(m) = -2, passes through (-1,6) hence the y intercept is Taking a point (x,y) where the line passes then Gradient is ∆y/∆x = y-6x-(-1)=-2y-6x+1=-2Hence y=-2x+4Question 6 (2x-7)(x+4)=02x(x+4)-7(x+4)=02x(x+4)=7(x+4)2x2+8x=7x+28 hence 2x2+x-28=0Using the factor method the values of X=7/2 , -4Question 7 Vertex f(x) =3x2-6x+8f(x) = a(x - h)2 + k, where (h, k) is the vertex...

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