Algebra 2 Radicals and Complex Numbers

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Algebra 2 Radicals and Complex Numbers Name Institutional affiliationDate Simplify the expression. Show your work. Solution: 4x23y is the same as 4*√x23y= 2x3ySimplify the expression. Show your work. Solution: Opening the brackets; 3*1+3*5i-4i*1 -4i*5i-2-iCollecting like terms; 3+15i-4i-20i2-2-i3+11i-20i2-2+i 1+12i-20i2The formula represents the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle with side lengths a and b. Solve the equation for b. Show your work. Solution: Finding the square of both sides gives: c2= a2+b2b2= c2- a2Now find the square roots in both sides. Therefore, b

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