Alexander the Great

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Alexander the Great portrayed himself as a true leader and a man of the people. He loves his subjects and put their interest first before anything else. He celebrated with them in social events just to show his appreciation for the good works of his subject. He showed how much he celebrates his subjects, celebrating his own wedding alongside his companions. The beauty of the weddings was that all of them, including that of the Alexander’s were conducted in the same manner (Alexander the Great118). The weddings were conducted in the Persian manner just to show that he appreciates cultural diversity. As a leader, he showed his compassion by liquidating all the debts that belonged to his soldiers, regardless of the amount as well as the manner in which the debts were spent. In fact, he took it upon himself to convince his soldiers to register their names (Alexander the Great 119). Besides, the Alexander the Great also portrayed himself as an appreciative leader. He rewarded his loyal subjects together with the soldiers who served him well. He showed this by rewarding his soldiers who were both loyal and served him well at the time of war. In his speech that he delivered to the Macedonians, Alexander portrayed himself as a servant leader. He revealed that he had incurred injuries all over his body from different types of weapons for the sake of his people. Fighting in every battle showed Alexander as a brave leader who is ready to lead his soldiers in wars. From the same speech, Alexander revealed that he loves his subjects, particularly the Macedonians by giving them wealth from the kingdoms that he conquered (Alexander the Great 122). It is without a doubt that

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