Alcoholism In College Students

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Name Instructor Course Date Alcoholism in College Students Introduction The issue of alcohol abuse in schools and in particular among the colleges and universities is being addressed now and then. It is evident that the matter is either running out of hand as more students are becoming addicts. Not even the institutional policies, counselors or parental guidance have been able to halt the process. Most of my peers are either immersed in this culture where some have become all-time alcoholics. In most cases, this happens during the weekends where they go out as a group to clubs, parties or organized drinking events in one of the peer quarters. It is even worse with the people at higher grades who have been in the system for long. This has a clear understanding of the policies, the police hours and joints not to hang out when drunk. They have devised methods to dodge any policies enacted. With time many have been unable to continue with their studies due to either addiction or use of the money meant for school fees on buying alcohol. This is what has inspired me to conduct this research delving into the question is alcoholism more common in colleges? While this may seem obvious, some schools do not entertain alcohol and hence the possibility of alcohol abuse in colleges is not even. This research will help identify the trend in alcohol consumption and abuse, the factors that promote the culture, the consequences and what could be done to minimize or prevent alcoholism in schools. Research Process The research on the issue of alcohol use among the college student was done both on the ground, through the peer reviewed materials, governmental agencies reports,

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