Alcohol addiction

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Alcohol Addiction Presented By Institution Abstract Alcohol Addiction is the near total reliance or dependence on alcohol regardless of whether it is destroying one's health or social life. The problem is highly prevalent in the world as indicated by the fact that there were 23 million addicted to alcohol out of the l490 million people in the EU. Symptoms of the condition include tremors when one is sober, deteriorating health, finding excuses to drink and inability to stop drinking when one starts. However, there is a variety of treatments in medications and therapies that can help address the condition. Alcohol addiction occurs when one take so much alcohol that there occur some chemical changes in the brain leading to alcohol dependence. The chemical changes increase the pleasurable feelings one gets when they take alcohol, and this causes one to want to take alcohol more often. Alcohol addiction is a disease described as having a physical, psychological dependence on alcohol. CITATION Nat164 l 1033 (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 2016) People suffering from alcohol addiction are psychologically helpless that they continue to drink even when the drinking causes them severe negative consequences such knowingly harming one’s health or threat of a job loss. Alcohol dependence has been noted to run in some families and hence it is at times hereditary. When one has a parent who is addicted then that person’s chance of also getting addicted increase fourfold. However, few people get addicted to alcohol due to such factors. The environment in which one grows up also contributes in whether one gets addicted CITATION Car11 l 1033 (Carnes, Carnes,

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