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albums and the hugest selling jazz album. Others are Bitches Brew and many more. Though miles became a drug addict, his jazz music lasted for long. Buddy Bolden is also an artist who made huge imprints in the growth of jazz music, especially by the use of a style commonly known as New Orleans. His popularity led him to be identified as King Bolden. Some of his major recordings that are on air until today include Careless Love and My Buckets’ Got a Hole in It. Works Cited Ake, David A. Jazz Cultures. U of California P, 2002. “Biography” Wynton Marsalis Official Website, Accessed 18 Feb. 2018 "Groups/famous Jazz Musicians." Bio, A&E Television...

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albums produced by the band. It was very enjoyable to sit in the middle seats of the Belly-Up Tavern venue. Mick Fleetwood is the bandleader, who plays the drums, and a multitude of other instruments. Rick Vito is the lead singer and plays the guitar. Lenny Castellanos on bass guitar. Mark Johnstone is the backup vocalist and keyboard specialist who also plays a multitude of other instruments. All of the band's members are quite talented in this respect. I could tell they enjoy working together and even after all the years; they still love to perform live. It shows in how they interact while playing their favorites songs. The audience and I included. I would go again when the opportunity arises. The...

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