Al Ain Environment Conservation

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Al Ain is located to the east and about a two-hour drive from Abu Dhabi, a small, peaceful city. The ever-attractive landscape of this city gives you a sense of a heaven to call home. Having had an opportunity to grow here, it’s no surprise that I crave for a clean environment around me. The desire to ensure continued conservation of the environment prompted me to volunteer in the community clean up the group. The group composes the neighboring community members. We too inform the community on ecological conservation. I happen to be one of the youngest in the group. I do believe that we all need a healthy environment, and one-step to ensure this is by engaging directly in a small way that we can. I have had the chance to interrelate among others who share the similar concern. I love working with the group members as they are a basis of drive and encouragement. In my small capacity; I hope to inspire others to join this movement across the country. Community work will help in ensuring environmental safety. With the adverse climate change, small initiatives as this play a fundamental role in our environmental

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