Airway Essay Examples

Airway Epithelium Tissue Culture After Exposure to Cigarette Smoke In Vitro. Bioinformatics & Biology Insights, (9), 19-35. doi:10.4137/BBI.S19908 Moor, A. E., Golan, M., Massasa, E. E., Lemze, D., Weizman, T., Shenhav, R., & ... Itzkovitz, S. (2017). Global mRNA polarization regulates translation efficiency in the intestinal epithelium. Science, 357(6357), 1299-1303. Novak, S., Drobne, D., Vaccaro, L., Kiskinova, M., Ferraris, P., Birarda, G., & ... Hońćevar, M. (2013). Effect of Ingested Tungsten Oxide (WOx) Nanofibers on Digestive Gland Tissue of Porcellio scaber (Isopoda, Crustacea): Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Imaging. Environmental Science & Technology, 47(19),...

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airway when shutting the eye. Once the top part of the airway is shut, the chest muscles and diaphragm have to work extra hard so as to make away in the airway and allow air pass to the lungs (Melinda, 1). After the occurrence of sleep apnea, one resumes breathing with a loud snort, gasp and body jerk. The condition may take place severally making those people affected sleep well without necessarily noticing it at night. In some circumstances, the condition may lead to heart rhythms due to the reduced flow of blood to important body organs. Symptoms of Sleep Apnea Syndrome According to Melinda, there are different signs and symptoms associated with the condition as outlined; Difficulties in...

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