Aided Outpatient Treatment Laws

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Aided Outpatient Treatment Laws Over a long time, mentally ill persons would occasion damage and harm in the community, and nothing would be done to rectify the menace. The dying of Kendra and Laura agitated the people of New York and California to legislate on matters of assisted outpatient treatment (AOT) to monitor mentally ill persons in society. Laura's Law is the first law that was legislated on involuntary medication of mentally ill persons. Kendra's Law and Laura's are much familiar than they distinctively appear. In this study, the researchers outline the circumstances under which a court order to the effect of AOT can be issued, the people who can petition the court to issue such order, and what may happen if an individual fails to obey the court order. Toward the end of the study, there is a comparative study on what other researchers have come up with concerning the effectiveness of involuntary medical treatment. Key Words: Assisted outpatient treatment, civil commitment to hospitalization, Kendra's law, Laura's Law The state of New York legislated a law in 1999 commonly referred to as the Kendra Law to guide on assisted outpatient treatment (AOT) (Geller, 2006). Overtime the law has been reviewed to fit the changing circumstances. Kendra law is targeted at individuals who are mentally ill and are unsafe in the community if left unsupervised. Kendra’s law establishes a procedure on how to obtain AOT orders and the type of treatment to be given to a patient (Geller, 2006). An individual who is to be placed under AOT is examined by a physician who helps to develop a treatment plan. Before the court can give orders for AOT, all evidence that can help the

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