AHM2035 Short Answer Response

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AHM2035 Short Answer Response 1. It can rightfully be in the argument that, to some great extends; Barack Obama was able to defeat John McCain due to the support that he received from George Bush, the immediate former president who was of the same political party. George Bush has already cultivated a good rapport for himself, in particular through the bipartisan approach in his government; hence people followed his choice of President Obama. There was a positive impact in the ratings of president bush in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and also on the economy. The only low point was during the 911 attacks, but again, the response to the same was welcome. There was a much positive impact of the policy for attacking terrorists wherever they were before they unleash their terror. In matters of economy, George came up with strategies for stimulating the economy, which received a high rating, (Gold, 83). Effects of race and gender affected the election in the sense that; Barrack was a black American, and there before, there had not been the election of a non-white president. 2. The California’s Proposition 187 and Arizona Senate Bill 1070 had their history in the realization that; illegal aliens would make use of certain services such as healthcare and education, undeservingly. College students in the Borderlands made efforts of imparting the debate regarding immigration by adhering to the rules of verification. 3. The Third Wave Feminism refers to the efforts of harnessing feminist activities and studies that build on the loopholes of the second wave feminism, (Williams & Jasna, 168). Where there were efforts of embracing one gender in the second wave feminism, the

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