Aguirre, the Wrath of God

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Film Response: Aguirre, the Wrath of God Candidate’s Name Institution’s Name Introduction Aguirre, the Wrath of God, is produced by Werner Herzog who utilizes his imagination to express the story of a Spanish conquistadors’ struggle in the Amazon forest in a quest for El Dorado, the lost gold city (Burgos, 2014). Pedro de Ursua guides the group in the hunt for food within the plague-filled territory. Rapidly the faction fragments as treachery, as well as greed for power, make Ursua to be toppled by Aguirre. Aguirre then puts an inept nobleman Guzman as figurehead ruler, denying their loyalty to Emperor Philip II (Burgos, 2014). Meanwhile, Aguirre kills Guzman for his ineptness then assumes power. Eventually, however, the native of the land, as well as Aguirre, kills the entire faction, and Aguirre is abandoned in his lunacy and suspicion on the river, encircled just by apes (Burgos, 2014). Film Response The movie portrays many issues on the land ownership as well as offers a fascinating glance into the way individuals act if they want lands. The protagonist, Aguirre believes that he has the right to acquire every land which the faction passes through (Burgos, 2014). This is similar to the other renowned travelers from the historical times. Similar to other travelers in the past, the faction come across indigenous communities staying on these lands, but totally disregarded their rights on their lands and took over the lands for their personal gains. As evidenced by historical facts, this form of land acquisition does not always delight the indigenous occupants, and the indigenous communities in this film are no exemption. Due to the groups’ disrespect to

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