Agression and Violence in the Media

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Media Violence Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Media Violence True Detective is one of the TV shows that contains violent scenes. In one of the episodes where investigations are taking place, a prostitute is found dead with paint on her body as well as antlers and branches on her head. The violence occurs around issues of gender and race. The murdered prostitute is a young Latino woman. The possible reason for the murder is sexism and racism. Sexism is one of the reasons people commit violence against women and because of gender discrimination in the case of her gender (Gentile & Bushman, 2012). Another TV show that contains violence is Oz, in which most of the criminals and victims are African Americans. In one of the episodes, a middle-aged man is stubbed to death and lies on the street. The violence occurs within the context of gender and race. In this case, the possible reasons for the violence are racial profiling is used in explaining crime while young blacks are viewed as the most violent in the modern society (Gentile & Bushman, 2012). Starz’s Spartacus is another TV show that is marred by violence. In the movie, there is evidence against black women, slaves. In one episode, there are women who are being spanked to the point of bleeding. The main reasons for the violence center around gender and racism. The race is used as the justification for the violence against the slaves. While gender is used being, women are viewed as weaker and prone to violence (Gentile & Bushman, 2012). There are various ways through which desensitization is used in the media. Desensitization is used from the perspective of violence perpetrated against

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