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aging population, scarcity of physicians and an expanding need to manage terminal illnesses. Telemedicine would be prominent in data analytics, patient care, and epidemiology, amongst others. References Leider, J. P., Shah, G. H., Williams, K. S., Gupta, A., & Castrucci, B. C. (2017). Data, staff, and money: leadership reflections on the future of public health informatics. Journal of Public Health Management and Practice, 23(3), 302-310. Lv, Z., Song, H., Basanta-Val, P., Steed, A., & Jo, M. (2017). Next-generation big data analytics: State of the art, challenges, and future research topics. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 13(4), 1891-1899 Pritchard, D. E., Moeckel, F.,...

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aging population. On the contrary, such measures would witness a more productive and healthy workforce across Polish settings. The rapid disbursements in the EU funds are expediting public investments. However, the Polish Government has also introduced stringent regulatory reforms that have improved tax compliance across concerned stakeholders. Such measures have been effective in reducing public deficits and the proportion of Government Debts to GDP. Such assumptions are supported by the data of Centralized Bank of Poland. The Centralized Bank of Poland has maintained its policy rate to a historical low of 1.5%. However, it is evident that it would tighten the regulatory policies once its debts...

aging population, hence provide the necessary aid for the homes and the communities of this population. The OAA programs are distributed to 56 state agencies and are accessible to the elderly population; that is individuals aged 60 and above (Fox-Grage & Ujvari, 2014). Its objective is to provide aid to those that have social and economic problems like minimum income, or their old staying in rural setups. By bad luck, the Act has seen some extended periods of minimal funds that have restricted the number of people that can be assisted at a time. This phenomenon results in long lists of individuals who have to wait before they get access to the programs available under the Act (Wellman,...

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