Agile Method

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Agile Method Name Institution Affiliation Advantages and Disadvantages of the Agile Method Advantages Over the years, agile has grown into a renowned methodology with wide adaption, which can be attributed to its high effectiveness through the provision of multiple benefits to project teams, guarantors, project managers, and consumers, altogether. Innovation and Viability In a contemporary world that has increased developments and progress of technology, the agile methodology advocates for the incorporation of recent advancements. Primarily, the emphasis of the methodology is the delivery of a product that depicts a possibility of satisfying the investors, consumers, and all other stakeholders (Bull, 2015). On the other hand, the rapid development of technology prompts successful corporations to have a strategy that accommodates the expansion of possibilities of their product based on outcomes and events, all of which the agile methodology addresses. Based on the methodology’s key principles, a procedure of multiple little growths requires less complex management and implementation as compared to wholesale approach that calls for a complete version (Alexander, 2017; Bull, 2015). Still, the viability aspect of the agile method positively contributes to the level of motivation. Typically, a framework that focuses on annual updates makes weekly incremental alterations appear as milestones towards the realization of the project objectives. Pricing and Transparency The contractual properties of the agile methodology advocate for transparency. Mainly, the regular agile contract pliably describes the types of resources necessary for a project in addition to

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