Ageism At Workplace

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Various research practitioners and professionals have focused on the documentation research papers and articles on age discrimination, ageism, and stereotypes, in particular among the older employees or workers. Nonetheless, in this article, Ashton Applewhite engages in the creation of a valuable article on the issue of ageism at the workplace. According to the article, close to one-fifth of the Americans are 65 and older, but working (Applewhite 1). The fraction represents productive and creative potential of the employees. The objective of the article is to assess the reason behind the inability of more than 1.5 million Americans, over 50-years-old, to find work in spite of having decades of life regarding productivity. According to the article, the critical issue is ageism (Applewhite 1). Ageism refers to the discrimination of individuals based on their age relating to the dumb and destructive obsession with the younger generation, thus, liable nature of experience. The article cites the illegality of the concept of ageism or age discrimination in spite of its prevalence among two-thirds of the potential employees during interviews. The article also incorporates the social construction of age prejudice, which relates to assuming that an individual might be too old or too young to execute the task or responsibility (Applewhite 1). Conclusively, the article notes the importance of workplace diversity, which continues to serve benefits of the progressive business entities in the highly competitive economy. From this perspective, there is a need for the achievement of age diversity in the contemporary workplaces. There is a need to join forces and perceiving older people

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