Age Gap Differences and Communication Problems

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Communications are very important for all the generations in the whole world. Different generations use different methods to communicate and interact. In the modern society, an interaction between the old and the young has become unavoidable. The language of teenagers and adults differ in term of the words they used, body language and even the non-verbal communications. Most times, there might be communication problems because of age gaps. Such problems occur due to certain misunderstandings between the different generations. What teenagers consider normal like whistling may be considered rude when communicating with adults. This paper will present some of the problems associated with generational gap language, and it will also provide solutions to how the older generation can understand the younger generation. Most of the values of the young generation and the older differ. The differences range from verbal terms tonal variations, dressing codes and even postures (for standing and sitting). According to Vallejo (2007, 261-279), the younger generations are liberal to the values and can easily adapt and in a short time. The older generations consist of mostly the conservatives who insist in upholding their values. In connection to values and generation gaps, it is likely that fallouts may exist in communications. It is not a surprise that disputes may arise amongst family members if there is a perception of disrespect. Understanding the different values in a different generation will help any communicator to avoid always offending the audience and their listeners (Vallejo 2007, 261-279). Most teenagers should know the things elders consider offensive. For example, some

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