Age and Stage Questionnaire Results

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Age and Stage Questionnaire Results I administered the Age and Stages Questionnaire with the assistance of Child 44’s mother. The child scores above cut in communication and Gross Motor and near cut off in fine motor. This result indicates her development in these areas appears to be on schedule. In Personal-Social Skills and Problem Solving, she achieved above to the cutoff. This study is a discussion of questionnaire results and recommendation to improve the child’s growth and development. * Discussion: * Communication: Without assistance, the child can respond to three separate directional instructions such walking to the door standing up and clapping hands. However, sometimes the child does not respond accurately. The questionnaire filled also indicates that the child can construct four to five sentences. The child creates sentences with appropriate tense for example when asked what they did … “says we played.” The child correctly uses comparative statements. For example, he says, “friend’s house is bigger than my house.” The child also responds correctly to questions concerning needs. The child sometimes mimics tongue twisters without making mistakes. From the questionnaire results, 44 is above cut off, * Fine Motor: The child accurately copies letters without tracing. Child 44 copies letters VHTCA legibly without tracing. The prints half the letters of his name within the provided box, when tracing a line with a pencil, the child he goes offline. The child occasionally draws pictures that can represent different genders. The child is yet to learn how to cut papers in a straight line. The child can copy shapes accurately within the provided text

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