Against Gun Control

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Against Gun Control Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract Gun control efforts have lasted for many years despite being controversial. Some people feel that guns are to blame for the increase in the number of murder cases. Other people feel that guns are not to blame, as someone has to harbor the intention to kill first before he does so, and would use anything to accomplish the same. On close examination, guns would not kill people if people did not use them to do it. Therefore, gun control laws would not achieve what they set to achieve if they intend to avoid murder cases. Even though the gun control efforts may not achieve what proponents intend them to, they will come with other effects on the citizens of the United States. Therefore, when deciding to implement these efforts, it is important to approach the issue with sober minds, as the effects of these laws may be harmful to the nation. Keywords: Gun, control, controversial, proponents, laws, citizens, Against Gun Control Controversial policies deserve serious consideration before implementation. Gun control is one of the controversial issues in the United States that that have never been addressed productively over the years. The issue divides the country into two groups because it has almost the same number of proponents and opponents. Gun control refers to much more than many citizens understand. Many citizens think that it only refers to the regulation of the use of the guns by civilians, but it covers even the manufacture and distribution of the guns. Proposers of gun control claim that they enhance cases of killing each other. However, this view is far-fetched and does not hold any water, and

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