African American literature

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Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date: African American Literature Black people determination The various eras of the African Americans awakening had a motivating effect on the black people. The determination was effectuated by numerous writings including books, poems, and newspaper’s articles amongst others. One pillar of the black movement is Wallace Thurman. He played a motivating role for the black writers that emerged even after he died. Thurman used his position as a publisher and an editor to compel the fellow blacks to show their good and bad side to the world through their writings. Thurman led the Harlem Renaissance with his 1929 novel, ‘The Blacker the Berry’ where he addressed the problem of colorism and discrimination even within the black Americans. In the novel, he noted that lighter color for blacks was preferred especially for the girls showing a high level of discrimination. Working closely with Thurman, Langton Hughes was also a major author in the Harlem Renaissance. His short stories collections, “The ways of the White Folks” captures various instances of racism and discrimination by the whites towards the black. Hughes documents 14 short stories addressing the issue of racism and the direct and indirect effects it has on the victims. In “Cora Unashamed,” Hughes demonstrates the courage that the black people should demonstrate in the face of oppression through the main character, Cora. Cora explicitly states that the whites had killed their daughter just because she became pregnant by a Greek man, "They killed you, honey. They killed you and your child. I told 'em you loved it, but they didn't care. They had killed

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