Affordable Healthcare

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The Affordable Care Act Name Institution affiliation Abstract When President Barrack Obama introduced the Affordable Care Act through the Obama Care initiative, the system was highly criticized. However, this ACA has completely reformed the lives of many low income and poor citizens who could not afford health care as they can now access care through private insurance as well as government-run schemes. Today, the vulnerable and previously discriminated upon groups seem to be the prime beneficiaries of this program as it stands. Take for instance, before the reforms; insurers declined to cover individuals with terminal ailments, a trend that the act reversed. Additionally, today, 75 percent of the Americans of the age between 16 and 64 (amounting to 138.8 million individuals) are now privately covered (Belad, Rocco& Wadan, 2016). Be that as may, many argue that it has alienated middle-income earners whom despite qualifying for the insurance, cannot afford the services. This segment hence discusses some of the negative results if the scheme on middle earners. It identifies the cost of healthcare, poor accessibility and lack of the coverage as the three grand challenges. It also touches on the alternative patient protection set by President Donald Trump’s administration. Later it does a cost-benefit analysis of both, where it establishes that the former is still more beneficial and that with few reforms it could efficiently represent all populations. Keywords: Average, middle class, income, earners, Obamacare, Act, reforms, private, insurance, healthcare, cost, the poor, cover Introduction When asked about how she felt about the bill, Jennifer DeVoe, M.D.,

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