Affordable Care Act

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Impact of Affordable Care Act on Health reforms and Nursing Practice Name of the Student Professor’s Name Abstract Lack of appropriate health insurance increases the risk and complications of various diseases. The “Affordable Care Act of 2010” (ACA) is one such provision for facilitating health insurance amongst U.S. citizens. The present article evaluated the benefits of ACA on healthcare reform and its implications on nursing practice. ACA has the potential to increase healthcare access and coverage amongst uninsured individuals. Hence, it would be helpful in reducing the incidence and complications of chronic diseases in uninsured individuals in the near future. ACA has kept enough provisions for advancing the roles and responsibilities of nurses. Nurses are recognized as key leaders in the reform of healthcare delivery under the ACA. ACA endorses that nurses should be ethically engaged in improving health and healthcare delivery amongst concerned stakeholders. Hence, nurses should be aware in accessing the opportunities provided in the Affordable Care Act of 2010. However, ACA has imposed limitations on financial opportunities for nurses practicing in Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). Nevertheless, ACA provides adequate opportunities for nurses who are deployed in the U.S Healthcare system. Introduction Under the present perspective of rising healthcare costs, health insurance is essential for accessing safe and quality healthcare. Lack of appropriate health insurance increases the risk of different diseases and complications. The burden of illness and cost burden of certain diseases are so high, which necessitates appropriate

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