affordable care act

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Name Tutor Course Date Affordable Care Act It is through this Act that every citizen gets an opportunity to receive health insurance services, both prevention and treatment. One thing that stands out is that taking cover is expected of everyone and a penalty for those who do not comply, yet they have the means that are calculated against their income ("How to Save Money on Monthly Health Insurance Premiums" n.p). Employers are not exempted. Secondly, subsidies and premium tax credit are also awarded to families who are below a certain percentage of the federal poverty line. This lowers the insurance costs favorably and encourages buying of the policy. In a community where most people are in the working bracket, this is welcome news. Their monthly incomes are usually tied and constrained by financial needs like mortgages and thus being able to pay less and accrue benefits of preventive health care is a relief (Hamel and Nairn 3). Since the enrolment is easily available on websites, lack of the cover is inexcusable. For families, like those in my community, that is constantly increasing by birth and adoption awareness of the tax credits is paramount ("How to Save Money on Monthly Health Insurance Premiums" n.p). When a family adds a family member, for example, by birth, the family qualifies for a bigger premium tax credit. The vice versa applies if a member is lost. Like many other practices and regulations in health care, the affordable insurance cover is not devoid of ethical precautions. Both the insurer and the insured have an obligation that is built on distributive justice. The values and virtues that make this work is a belief in working for the common

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