Affirmative Action

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Introduction Affirmative action is one of the longest legacies to have been established by two American President’s namely Nixon and Johnson. It has managed to dominate local, state and even national levels. The primary objective of the policy was to address issues of discrimination in organizations. Question One Impacts of affirmative action policy in promoting diversity within organizations Since its inception by Franklin Roosevelt who was the president during the hard economic times in America, the affirmative action policy contributed greatly to a diversification of different organizations. Through the policy, all taxpayers were allowed to benefit from all work and social programs thus addressing the issue of unemployment and poverty. The outcome of this was equal job opportunities to all those who qualified for the job. Another regulation of the policy was to bar discrimination on the basis of creed, race or color. A minimum wage was established through this policy where by all employees were entitled to a certain average salary and thus bringing about equality within different organizations. As a result of the policy, Africans Americans were able to request for loans and farm inputs that were subsidized. In the long run, American citizens got an opportunity to diversify and venture into different activities within various organizations. Question Two Anderson’s thought About Affirmative Action From the excerpt of the case proceeding, Anderson seems to disapprove of the affirmative action. He states that it is 25 years now since the policy of affirmative action was put in place and therefore, it should no longer be upheld. The main reason why he is opposed to the

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