affirmative action in education do we still need it?

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Law Name Institution Course Date Introduction The world is full of prejudice in many sectors. Inequality is not limited to race, but it is also exhibited in learning institutions. It is amazing that people will always strive to get equal opportunities, but as fate has it, bias is never lacking. By definition, affirmative action refers to placing policies in place so as to eliminate disparities linked to race, gender, and locations of work, political positions or even education institutions. Therefore, affirmative action in education structures refers to placing rules and regulations to eliminate prejudice in how individuals get opportunities in the learning institutions. Using affirmative action helps serve several purposes such as doing away with inequalities, fostering diversity, correcting past mistakes and increasing opportunities for accessing certain facilities ("Affirmative Action," n.d.). What stands out about affirmative action is that it appraises minorities because policies are put in place to eliminate all manner of disparities. Globally, the academic sector has undergone a tremendous transformation, therefore, raising questions about whether affirmative action is still necessary. Therefore, do we still need to employ affirmative action in the current world? Pros Disabled people Every single day, there are newborns in the universe, but shockingly not all of them are of sound physical or mental health. The disabled children need to access education so as to acquire the knowledge they can apply in the future and this is only possible by employing affirmative action. Affirmative action promotes equality, that is, it guarantees that both able and

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