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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: The Honorable Gus M Bilirakis United States House of Representatives Washington, D.C. 20515 Dear Representative Bilirakis I am writing to strongly show my approval and support as a constituent of the state of Florida and a member of a group of professional physicians for the H.R 3245-Medicare Civil and Criminal Penalties update Act, which would increase the civil and criminal penalties and sentences for those violating and abusing the social security act. The legislation will help protect the benefits and provisions of the act which had for the longest time been susceptible to fraud. The social security act H.R 7260 was enacted to cater for the general welfare by setting up provisions and benefits for disadvantaged in the society. The funds were put in a social security board that was in charge of ensuring proper disbursement to the right beneficiaries and setting standards for the healthcare program. However, over the years because of the lenient laws that had been set to protect the provisions and benefits, there have been countless fraudulent attempts to “acquire” the funds and benefits in the board through illegal channels. The penalties and sentences for fraudsters are too minimal and too short. The proposed enactment to increase the monetary penalties for both civil and criminal crimes will strengthen and provide better protection to the healthcare program from the frequent and most successful insurance fraud attempts. The higher penalties would help deter fraudsters from making any illegal moves on the insurance program. The proposal to double and even triple the previous penalties will prove to be very costly to

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