Advantages of Bilingualism

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Advantages of Bilingualism Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Advantages of Bilingualism Bilingualism is a human ability in which the human has the ability to converse in two or more languages. Ideally, just speaking in two or more languages does not qualify a person as a bilingual, but the ability to speak in those languages as if you are a native speaker of those languages. In reality, the ability to speak in two or more languages fluently is rare and for those with the ability to speak like that have an added advantage in the modern world. With the internet and globalization, the world is slowly becoming a global language. Improved technology is enabling people to travel to remote places in the world and, virtually, anywhere in the world. With technology, information regarding different places is able to be transmitted to other parts of the world almost instantaneously. With increased ease to travel and to work in other parts of the world, owing to increased trade between nations globally, the ability to speak in more than one language is an obvious advantage (Bhattacharjee, 2012). The list of advantages the ability to speak in more than one language offers to the speakers will form the basis of discussion in this paper. Bilingualism is largely a misunderstood concept. Though the ideal case would be speaking in the two or more languages as if one is a native, it is very rare for someone to have that ability. The norm is that there is always a dominant language among the bilingual speakers. The level of expertise in a given language is usually determined by several factors. The time of adoption of the language affects the level of expertise in speaking

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