Advances in environmental and occupational disorders in 2013

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Advances in Environmental and Occupational Disorders In 2013 Student’s Name University Affiliation Advances in Environmental and Occupational Disorders In 2013 Abstract The article by Peden and Bush articulate the progress in environmental and vocational disorder, risk assessment, and therapies. The authors emphasize environmental allergens and the effect on care management of various people. Moreover, the issue of occupational disorders is extensively discussed with particular emphasis on allergens, fungi, irritants, and venoms. The authors use these problems to suggest appropriate treatment options and drugs. The article also highlights the measures for enhancing the health status of the professional environment and provides specific care plans for asthmatic patients and smokers. In relation to the findings of the research activities, various inferences emanate including the effect of exposure to mold that detriments the health status of workers with allergic rhinitis. Thus, the revelations support the formulation of the sector-specific health management frameworks. Furthermore, the article outlines the significance of inhibition therapies to manage asthmatic smokers’ health condition. Particular components include the use of IL-13 Lebrikizumab and montelukast. The article also evinces research gaps regarding other alternative therapies like behavior therapy, montelukast, and flucticasone. These findings form the basis for further study and policy formulation to enable prompt response to the environmental and occupational disorders. Main Idea The article outlines the progress in the ecological and occupational disorders research. These advances have

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