Advances in Asthma

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Advances in Asthma Name: Institution: Advances in Asthma The future of a better-managed asthma is indeed near following the new studies and advancements in the medical field. The condition affects many people and the ultimate solution to asthma has eluded the medical field for a long time. The CDC has taken an interest in studying the causes, effects and the possible treatment of asthma and although there lacks a concrete understanding of these factors now, a lot has been discovered that can help in formulating better management of the condition (Mertz, 2011). Asthma causes death if not well managed. Moreover, research indicates that some conditions persist regardless of the patient’s diligence in following the doctor’s prescription. The new information about T-cell deficiency and their contribution to asthma attacks has been of importance in helping the medical practitioners and healthcare researchers to formulate antigens that can be used to counteract these deficiencies. In addition, technological advancements allow health care practitioners to access better diagnostic mechanisms and ensure that patients are given the right solutions to their problems (Mertz, 2011). The use of FeNO in determining the rate at which asthmatic patients will respond to certain treatments has brought the medical world closer to a better management of the condition. Previously, health care practitioners were doing trial and error until they find a treatment mechanism that works for a particular patient. With the new mechanism, practitioners can find out the right prescription for the patient early enough and prevent the advancement of the condition to chronic. Further, the use of

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