Adult Education

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Adult Education. Adults take a significant amount of energy and time doing a cost-benefit analysis on education before dedicating their time to education. My choice on this topic was influenced by the advancement of technology and the impact it has on lives of the older generation. I have not been able to understand why most adults are reluctant in acquainting themselves with technology. It is not surprising every once in a while to find an adult struggling to use a technology device. Nevertheless, most adults have not taken their time to attend basic technology classes in higher learning institutions in an attempt to sharpen their technological skills. The reluctance by adults to learn cannot be quite explained out of mere assumptions prompting a research on the topic of adult education. The answer to the question on why adults take a considerable amount of time reflecting before making up their mind has not yet been explained. The knowledge acquired from this learning activity can help identify the particular features of higher learning institutions that encourage laxity among adult learners. In the course of this study, I learned that adult learners had developed independent self-concepts that enable them to control their learning process based on life experiences. Their growth and development throughout the years create a pool of ideas that is resourceful for educating themselves and other people. Furthermore, individuals tend to attach more value to experiential learning. Therefore, adults find the need to acquire knowledge on a particular task when their position makes the knowledge acquired essential in solving real-life problems or completing specific tasks. It

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