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Student’s Name: Course: Instructor: Date: My name is Alexander Walsh, and I am an 18-year-old student from southern California. I look forward to transferring from Santa Barbara Community College to University of Colorado Boulder (CU). I prefer a learning environment that is attributed to inclusive excellence and diversity since it is what fits my academic and professional goals. Inclusive excellence and diversity in this institution have been viewed as a foundation of a vibrant community of learning. They are normally the pillars of the general success and key strengths of the institution. Diversity has been part of me since I was born considering that the fact that my parents are from diverse backgrounds. My father is from New York while my mother is from Madrid Spain. I will be happy to join an institution where no one is marginalized as a result of his/her differences. I am looking for an institution that defines itself by diversity as well as a strong commitment to making inclusive excellence hence that makes CU my favorite institution. It is known to be a strong academically with excellent diversity in courses and subjects, packed sports games, school spirit and lots of fun. I am also an outgoing and sociable person hence such features makes the institution my favorites as far as my future academic and professional goals are concerned. Diversity is the different ways that we are unique. Consequently, inclusive excellence involves acknowledging that an institution’s success relies on how well the institution engages and values the rich diversity of staff, students, and administrators. An institution that brings together these diverse resources and

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