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Statement of Purpose During my early school days, I had a traumatic experience after I was diagnosed with dyslexia. I had major learning disabilities and difficulties in socializing. I could not spell words correctly, and I stumbled on each and every sentence. It made other pupils think that I was not so sharp, which affected my self-esteem greatly. My parents were also traumatized by my condition considering that I was the only child in the family. Luckily, my parents and teachers made critical interventions, which helped me to overcome my learning disabilities. Although it took me long to be at the same level with other pupils, I was eventually able to accept the fact that my condition could be treated, and I could pursue normal school life as other students. The anxiety, stress and other challenges that I faced as a result of dyslexia ignited a desire in me to help other people who have similar conditions. For this reason, I am excited to enroll for a Master’s degree in social work. It will equip me with the necessary knowledge and skills that will enable me to make a difference in people’s lives in the most profound ways. I majored in psychology and human development during my undergraduate program. The knowledge I gained from the program has been critical in my career as a social worker and will help me to excel in my graduate studies. Through my involvement in mental health services and my childhood experience with dyslexia, I have developed great awareness and sensitivity for the unique needs of those with social needs. In effect, this is the main reason applying for a further education in social work at this time. I am aware that dyslexic children from

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