Admission to the University of Chicago

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How UChicago Satisfy my Learning, Community and Future Desire University education is meant to enlighten an individual and make him or her viable in the community; in this regard, the University of Chicago is important in my professional development since it possesses the fundamental qualities of a world class institution. The university is located in Illinois State that is full of opportunities for students and graduates. Currently, UChicago is classified as one of the world-class institutions that can offer quality biological education to learners. Some of the qualities of UChicago that attract me to the institution include; it has qualified instructors from the top leading universities such as Harvard and Oxford. The instructors are confident of their profession and are dedicated to producing quality graduates as a strategy of maintaining the institutional reputation. The instructors embrace learner-centered teaching pedagogies such that learning is achieved through experimentation, discovery, and discussions. The role of the instructor is to monitor the learning process and advice on the best approaches to acquiring knowledge or solving problems. The university has good infrastructure that includes enough and sufficiently equipped classrooms, learning centers, eateries, and restrooms. Additionally, the institution in located on a large area that allows the students to move and interact within the institution comfortably. The management is also responsible in the sense that it has maintained good security for the students in addition to ensuring their rights. The students in UChicago are friendly and interact to form a community. They share knowledge, learning

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