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Student’s name Professor’s name Course Date Admission essay for Eastern Kentucky University A degree from Eastern Kentucky University is a pretty big deal for me. This is not only because it will equip me with the skills to prosper in my chosen career of pharmacy, but it will also give me a great deal of personal satisfaction. Of even greater importance to me is the fact that I will be the first one from my family to have ever earned a degree. For this reason, I intend to use it to motivate my younger siblings by leading by example. By completing the degree, I will have proven to them that it is indeed doable. My primary motivation to get a decent education is to achieve financial freedom. I come from a big family with struggling parents. A long time ago, I made it my life goal to study hard and land a good job so that I can make them proud and help them. Like most people who choose to further their studies, I feel that a good education will go a long way in bettering my future. Furthermore, in studying pharmacy, I intend to help a lot of people who suffer from different illnesses. EKU is recognized as one of the leading institutions regarding the quality of education there. For this reason, it is my conviction that to be the best; I have to learn with the best. I am convinced that with Eastern Kentucky University, I will be equipped with the skills necessary to propel my advancement in my chosen career path (Kenkel 2007). Watching my parents struggle to give my siblings and me a decent education even if it means having to pay through the nose is another reason for my university preference. Compared to many other institutions Eastern Kentucky University is

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