Admission Essay for the University of San Francisco

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Whenever I think of the University of San Francisco, what impresses me the most is the organization’s proper learning environment with top-drawer resources. Besides being one of the most reputable education institutions in the precincts of California, USFCA is uniquely known for its alignment with the Jesuit Catholic Faith. As such, one would assume that the university’s culture is strictly confined to operate within this religious context. However, although it indeed strives to promote values intrinsic to the faith, the institution is committed to accommodating students from diverse backgrounds, religious or otherwise. For this reason, I consider USFCA an ideal environment for myself, a student eager to improve not just academically - but holistically - by learning more about people through cross-cultural interactions. I have always had an interest in business, and it would be a great honor to pursue a major in accounting at the resourceful USFCA. During my orientation when I first joined the army, I appreciated the need for accounting professionals in military installations. Indeed, at one command post, I witnessed firsthand the volumes of amenities and necessities that military personnel requires on a daily basis. Appreciating the need for sound management of public resources, I pondered how I could apply my interest in business management to such situations. The orientation was an eye opener – when I got the opportunity, I enrolled for an Associate of Science degree program in Business Administration. In line with USFCA’s value of excellence as a standard of scholarship, I am confident of attaining the level after my final semester (my GPA currently stands at

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