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Student name Institution Course Date In my life, I have an interest in attending the Catholic university. This is because; catholic related universities will strengthen my faith and I want to meet other students with the same faith since it will help me I growing my relationship with my lord. I will also have a chance to interact with the educated professor who has the Catholic faith (Melnik, p1). The Catholic university will also develop a strong faith which is central to most catholic students. For instance, here are the two snippets from two different universities, one was for Marquette University, and the other was from Notre (Melnik, p1). They both had strong faith in Catholic. This has inspired me to join such institution with a well laid down background in the faith. Most of the Catholic academic communities of higher education do animate its origins in the congregation of the holy cross. This will be a good place for me since I have strong faith in Catholic. The Catholic universities have very distinctive goals in providing the best form where the studies can discuss various lines of Catholic faith or thoughts which will help them to achieve their life goals. I will be in a position to attend the theology course. In Catholic universities, there are many theology courses which I will be in a position to learn. All this will be beneficial to me because they will strengthen my faith in Catholic. Finally, I will have an exemplary life full of Catholic values. A Catholic faith-based university in most cases fosters spirituality and strong relationship with God. On the other hand, secular universities believe more in ethical values and codes of

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